Jacob Birkett

Working at a software company in the NL. Currently playing with the Rust language in my free time.

Popular Projects

My most popular open source repositories.

A small program that forwards searches from Cortana to your preferred browser and search engine.
Dynamic theme for Firefox Quantum that colorizes the title bar, tabs, and URL bar based on your Windows accent color.
JavaScript 86 8
VS Code extension to add cursor transitions while typing, similar to MS Office and the Windows 10 Mail app.
JavaScript 55 3

Recently Updated

My most recently contributed projects.

A collection of pacman packages for various themes I have used on my Manjaro system
Shell 1 0
My personal one-page portfolio, a heavily modified fork of https://github.com/github/personal-website.
HTML 0 0
A Rust library for working with (and converting) colors in different spaces.
Rust 1 0
An example `PKGBUILD` and companion scripts for installing any GTK theme and replacing colors intelligently.
Rust 0 0
Some scripts to set up redundant parts of the environment on my Manjaro system.
Shell 0 0
A collection of python scripts and configuration files to make sharing your mod collection with friends easier.
Python 0 0

My Interests

Topics that I have experience with and want to learn more about.